Just a girl who likes video games and photoshop. :) Some stuff you should know:
1. I am a very approachable person. Don't be afraid to ask any questions! n_n
2. One thing I don't care about is credit. Go ahead! Use my edits on your banners, wallpapers, icons, etc. Just don't say that you're the one that edited the picture, and I'm fine with it.
3. I follow everyone back. It's my little "thank you" for following me! ^-^

With that said, ENJOY my edits! And please, don't be afraid to request anything. n_n

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Check it outtt :) Visual Kei makeup video I made LOL :p

please reblog & spread ittt :)

I am leaving this blog —

If you want to see more final fantasy edits, I am going to start posting them on my main account: angespo.tumblr.com, so please follow me on that! 

Please note that that blog is my personal blog so you will also see text posts and reblogs of things other than final fantasy. I’m sorry I’m leaving this blog, I just can’t keep up with it :( Maybe I will go back on it during the summer when I have time, but for now I can’t spend as much time editing pictures because there is a lot going on in my school life right now and I need to take responsibility. 

So please follow me on my main account, I would appreciate it very much. :) You guys are awesome followers and didn’t unfollow me when I stopped posting, so I’d feel bad if I left this blog without letting you guys know. 

Thanks<33 Love all of you!

A low key hiatus

I may have to go on a hiatus. I started editing a lot of pictures again and my mom thinks tumblr is affecting my schoolwork -___- (Yes, she found out about it T_T)

So I’ll probably still edit stuff on the side, but it definitely won’t be as much that I used to. 

You can follow me on my personal tumblr, www.angespo.tumblr.com if you want to talk to me and such :) 

dunglaicha said: Why did I just discover this tumblr?
Immediate follow. <3

Thank you so much!<3


Holy crap. I haven’t been on here in like a month :/ I’m so sorry you guys, I’ll get back to editing as soon as I come home n___n;; I’ve been drawing like craaazy for AP studio art next year ^_^; I guess that’s probably why I haven’t been on the computer. But thanks for not unfollowing, I only got like 5 unfollowers lol >< whew ~

But anyway, instead of asking me questions on tumblr ask - can you ask me on my formspring, http://www.formspring.me/Espoooo ? It’s my personal formspring lol, but you could still ask questions :) I’d rather have my tumblr page filled up with pictures rather than questions, if it’s not too much trouble ;_; I’ll put it on my tumblr page so it’s more convenient. 

Thanks a lot! Love all of you very much <3 ~